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The specific meaning of the term "organic bees" is the variety of honeybees that can easily survive without help of a beekeeper. You can also find similar terms such as "disease-resistant", "non-chemically managed bees", "survivors", etc., on other sites. Most contemporary honeybees are not "organic". They have been modified by beekeepers in the way they need  a number of antibiotics, acaricides, stimulants, food supplements, and other chemicals, for their survival. Left alone, they just die out. The main paradox here is the well known fact that most of these chemicals are also toxic to bees, to various degrees, and many are toxic to humans. As a doctor, I can tell you that their effects on human body have been studied either poorly, or never.
But this website is not about just bees.  Here, the term "organic bee" is also used as a symbol of our wrongful deviation from the laws of Mother Nature. Just swap the words, and you will hear "be organic!" Honeybees nowadays act like a canary in a coal mine, by their dying out (aka CCD) showing us our excessive and mostly blind reliance on chemicals, technologies, and pieces of current knowledge which we still have to put together someday.
Beekeeping is just a hobby for me and rather small area of my interests. The idea of organic lifestyle, on the opposite, is the major part of my system of values, the tool I use in my medical practice, the dao I am teaching my children, the concept I am hoping to pass to as many people as I can.
I will be happy to hear your feedback, and I value disagreement more than praise, as it stimulates thinking process and further research.